Rose Time Garden Party

It’s that time again! Rose season…when roses spring forth and add color and scent to the garden. Each year two Jeanne LaJoie miniature climbers, planted in 1999,  climb up our deck top and turn the whole deck into a literal rose cave! Never pruned, they sprawl wherever we  tie the long canes. Where we can’t tie them, I hold them… Read more →

Enchanting Sweet peas!

I’ve read about Enchanting Sweet Peas in Sebastopol, Calif. and I’ve even enjoyed the blooms from their wonderful fragrant varieties purchased and grown by my best friend….but, I’ve never actually gone by the once-a-year sale until now. Wow! Glenys Johnson, the owner of Enchanting Sweet Peas, began growing her favorite English Spencer Sweet peas in a vacant lot next to… Read more →

Sex and the Single Zucchini!

We’ve all heard people complain about too much zucchini! But, I also get questions about why some plants have a ton of flowers and no squash. It’s actually quite simple once you understand the sex life of zucchinis! Look carefully at the following photo and you’ll see two kinds of flowers. The one on the right has a tall, thin… Read more →

Garden Musings…

Very early every morning I sit in the same spot, coffee and Bible in hand, as I  read and contemplate life. I see an ever changing picture through my dining room window as the seasons and weather change the view. This morning I noticed the stark difference between the three plants visible from my study spot on the couch. The… Read more →


Nasturtiums are such a common garden flower I almost didn’t consider adding any to my garden! But, I read somewhere that chickens like to snack on the flowers….and well, you all know how I feel about the girls! That and the fact that they are wonderful to garnish summer tomato dishes and salads made me do a little research to… Read more →

Cottage Garden Charm

I love it when a someone says, ” You should see my friend’s garden!” I never pass up an opportunity when that happens. So, when my friend Cathy mentioned the roses and peonies in her friend Judy’s garden, I begged to go see it….and I’m so glad I did! Tiny, charming and overflowing with colorful blooms and blossoms, this little… Read more →