Garden Wisdom-Act Now or Pay Later!

Walking through the garden last week  I noticed something going on with my hanging basket full of white impatiens. A few weeks ago they were lush and beautiful.  Deep green leaves and shining white flowers. I noticed a sunflower seed had sprouted in the container but I didn’t want to take time to remove it ….so I let it grow.  A few days later I ran by and noticed it again…but again I did nothing.

Hmmm…the impatiens are looking a little sad. They aren’t as green…the blossoms aren’t as shiny- the sunflower is slowly destroying the impatiens. Days went by and I just accepted that they didn’t look quite as nice and really didn’t even look healthy anymore…I really should do something about that…

The funny thing is, I had trimmed back the impatiens after the first flush of bloom, fertilized it, moved it to a better spot and I was actually excited about seeing the results of my extra care. But then I got lazy and this is what I’m left with:IMG_0932adj

Life is like that isn’t it? We don’t pay attention to little things we know aren’t right and they slowly take over and soon life is changed and we can’t remember when the change first started to happen.  A lawn is another good example…one weed, two weeds, no one pulls them out….suddenly you have a weed patch and no lawn…funny how nature has so many lessons to teach us if we would but notice….A wise older lady at church once told me, “A decision not to make a decision is a decision”….guess it’s true…          Do you have a bit of garden wisdom to share? Please do!

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