Spring Buds Contest!

Spring is popping out all over! So…..we have two special gifts to give away to two lucky winners, courtesy of Renee’s Garden Seeds!

All you have to do is:

1) Go to Renee’s Garden Seeds face book page and “Like” them (you’ll love all the great garden ideas! ) https://www.facebook.com/reneesgarden,  and

2) list the ten “buds” pictured below in the reply section at the end of this post.  The first two readers to correctly identify all 10 “buds” will receive a Bonus Pack from Renee’s Garden Seeds:


Bonus Pack #1:  Native American Three Sisters Garden (Corn, beans and pumpkins) Bonus Pack #2: Seeds for a Hummingbird Garden: Scarlet Runner Bean, “Magic Beanstalk”, Nasturtium ,Summer Charm”, Zinnia: “Scarlet Flame”\

Start guessing and send in your answers- Can’t wait to mail these wonderful seeds to the lucky winners!

1) IMG_6359adj










Okay now, send in your answers! First two with all 10 correct and who “Like” Renee’s Seeds wins! The seeds will be mailed to you right away!  Enjoy!

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