Spring Time Indoors…Tomatoes in a Sunny Window!

Last October I brought a tiny potted cherry tomato indoors to see how it would do…..and, it’s doing well!  The sunny California days that have brought on our drought, also led to tiny tomatoes in my office window.IMG_5942

I scrapped off the top 1″ of soil and replaced it with fresh clean potting soil to avoid bringing any bugs indoors and used a moisture meter to make sure I didn’t over or under water. My south facing office window gets tons of sun all through the winter and since clouds and rain have been almost unheard in California of this year, the tomato plant grew inside as though it were summer! The little tomatoes are growing daily but have yet  to turn red…it’s been fun watching them grow and I’ll post if we get a nice red one to eat!IMG_5944

Next to the tomato plant, two geranium cuttings have turned into lovely blooming plants, ready to set out on the deck when things warm up! This photo shows the tomato plant in December (far right)…see how much it’s grown? The Geraniums are larger now too and just keep putting out new blooms! So, when selecting your plants this spring think about which ones you might be able to bring inside next fall! (I wish I knew the name of the little tomato plant but sadly the tag was lost:(…any determinate “container” tomato should work for you.IMG_4933

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