Santa Rosa Pumpkin Patch…fun for Kids…& gardeners!

IMG_5580adj While the main reason for visiting the pumpkin patch is fun for the kids…one…the Santa Rosa Pumpkin Patch on Stony Point Road, is an awesome place for plant loving gardeners and photographers too!

The pumpkin field is great and the sunflower field spectacular! I’ve traveled as far as Redding in search of perfect sunflowers to photograph and found none as nice as those at the Pumpkin Patch!

I ran into the owner a few days ago and found out they’ll even be selling beautiful sunflower stems this year! With the flowers, pumpkins, petting zoo, huge corn sandbox, jump rides and everything else they offer, we’ll probably go every year till the grand kids are grown! I’ll leave you with a few photos to show you why I love this place!IMG_5614adj IMG_5610adj IMG_5603adj IMG_5594adj IMG_5593adj IMG_5589adj IMG_5587 IMG_5575 IMG_5569 IMG_558adj

For more information:
5157 Stony Point Rd., Santa Rosa, Ca.

20 Acres of Farm Fun!





































































































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