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Fresh Veggie Scramble

  I brought in a bunch of fresh veggies this morning. What to do with them? Saute everything in a little butter or olive oil, add a dollop of cream cheese, 2 eggs and you have a great breakfast….similar to the Sunday Scramble previously posted but totally different veggies=totally different flavor! First wash and chop veggies, then saute in a… Read more →

Tomato Test: Miracle Gro General Purpose Food or Tomato Food- Which is best?

I wonder, do you really need special tomato food for great tomatoes? What is the difference between general purpose plant food and tomato food anyway?  Good question…. Well, general purpose Miracle Gro has 24% nitrogen which is good for leaf development, 8% Phosphate which is good for seed and  flower development and finally 16% Potash or Potassium which is good… Read more →