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Hydrangea Garden

Early this summer I attended a wonderful Master Gardener workshop on growing hydrangeas.  The teacher, Carlyss, a very knowledgeable gardener who specializes in hydrangeas invited those of us who attended her class to tour her garden this July. She grows nearly 250 hydrangeas on acres of garden surrounding her home.  They grow under large old oak trees, and, in the… Read more →

Hydrangeas !

The hydrangeas are blooming and brightening the shady spots in  the garden! Of the 16 we have all but two are blooming now. I did a few experiments when I pruned last year. I pruned  this Endless Summer quite a bit because of frost damage and it bloomed even more than usual but with very small flowers…which I love! The… Read more →


Hydrangeas are absolutely, hands down, my favorite garden plant. One or two make a full bouquet, they require little care, attract few bugs and, with plenty of water they grow and adorn your garden beautifully year after year.  I have 15 plants and I’d love more! This time of year in Northern Calif. we often have sudden, scorching days….that’s a… Read more →