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A Garden’s Winter Wonder

Winter is a hard time to write about the garden.  Not much going on this month. I thought about detailing how to dig up dahlia tubers or the importance of cleaning up old tomato plants felled by this week’s first frost. But when I grabbed my camera to walk around the garden I walked to the edge of the deck… Read more →

Zucchini in October?

In years past I, like most people, planted my zucchini seeds after the frost free date, around April 15 in our zone 9 northern California garden.  By October I was usually pulling out plants that were done producing and beginning to mildew and turn yellow. In fact, that’s what did happen to my April sowed plants this year. This year… Read more →

Vegetable Garden Designs…Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden

Wandering through a well designed garden is one of the best ways to decide how to design a garden of your own. The vegetable garden at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden is a great place to observe raised beds, mixed gardens full of flowers and veggies, outbuildings and nice pathways.  Here you go…a little inspiration: Walking back to the entrance… Read more →

Summer Dahlias!

Last summer I visited Swan Island Dahlias in Canby, Oregon and walked through their gorgeous Dahlia beds for hours. (You can see the trip here.) Eventually I selected six of the many I loved and placed my order. Since the total for these six was $56.00, I thought I’d try just a few before I went crazy!  The large healthy… Read more →

Peas Please!

With three little granddaughters to play with I have neglected writing about the garden! The last frost date for us in Northern California was April 15, seedlings I grew indoors under lights have all been planted out, and it’s full steam ahead in the garden! I planted peas a little late in March and we  just finished harvesting them so I… Read more →

Adding Chickens to Your Flock – Part Two- Worm Problems!

Whenever you add chickens to your flock it’s important to quarantine new girls for a while before combining them. And I did……well, for a few days. I was worried about them working out the pecking order but I didn’t think about anything else. Everything changed one morning when I heard my granddaughter say, ” Look Grandma, Pebbles has spaghetti in… Read more →