Garden Wisdom – Let Go to Choose the Best!

IMG_5347Sunflowers seem to be full of garden wisdom…or at least God uses them that way for me! I’ve realized lately, by watching my sunflowers and how they bloom, that the biggest flashiest blossom isn’t always the real prize. When all the energy goes into all that big flashy bloom you may be missing a host of other lovely possibilities!

One of my plants had a nice bright sunflower on top but when it was done…that would be it.Then the birds cracked the stem trying to get at the seeds, so I cut it off to make it easier for them.  By sacrificing that one big blossom look what I got in return! This isn’t a variety known for multi-branching but when all the energy sent to that one flashy girl was spread around a little I got a nice new crop of blossoms, all just as beautiful, though smaller.IMG_1136

Sometimes if we sacrifice what we think is the best because it meets the world’s definition of best and most exciting, etc. we end up with something far more valuable. Hmmm..makes me think of teenagers and how that one “perfect” guy all the girls want ends up a not-so-good choice and the quiet steady fellow is the true winner…just thinking…(former high school teacher-always thinking in teenage terms…:))

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