Fall in the Garden…November

IMG_4566cropI got home from work an hour early today (exciting because the sun was still out!) and decided to take a quick photo walk around the yard. I love fall in California! Still have flowers blooming, pansies and AlstrIMG_4551oemeria and roses…





The lilacs are turning color, adding a nice touch of yellow…IMG_4560

While the maidenhair fern is still fresh and green (till the first frost!)…IMG_4550

The onion seeds have sprouted and are growing!IMG_4544

And the radishes and garlic are jumping out of the ground!IMG_4542 IMG_4543

The Big Boy tomatoes are still setting blossoms and the green fruit looks so promising we’re ready to drape some sheet plastic over them before it’s cold enough to do damage…maybe we’ll have a few tomatoes for Thanksgiving dinner!IMG_4545 IMG_4546

The lettuce is still providing nice salads and the beets are growing along toward spring harvest!IMG_4561 IMG_4563

IMG_4554The “girls” seem happy enough in the cool weather (47 at night but 80 in the day…what!!!) but still only one laying an egg a day with a missed day here and there…What’s growing in your garden? Any tips to share about fall/winter gardening? Share with us…pleeeeezzz!

Happy Fall!IMG_4569

Hope you enjoy kicking your way through the leaves as much as I do!IMG_4570

  2 Replies to “Fall in the Garden…November”

  1. Alison
    November 15, 2013 at 8:30 am

    I actually come here to you for inspiration, I am learning as I go, there is a lot to learn about a garden. After trial and error I am learning what is hardy and grows well. I had no idea you could still grow tomatoes. I started by seed some bok choy and some daikon radish, which are both doing good. I live in Santa Rosa.

    • dljones
      November 16, 2013 at 11:43 am

      Hi Alison! I’m happy to meet you. I have worked in my garden for 30 years and love to help others start gardening. In the spring I will be starting a series on getting the garden ready and growing! If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! The tomatoes I put in last march under plastic to start them early and now I’m just trying to keep them going as long as possible. New plants wouldn’t make it now but the well established plants, as long as there is no frost may keep on for a while! You can also pick the green tomatoes and they will eventually ripen! I’m just experimenting! Take care and thanks for writing! Donna

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