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Pesto from the Garden!

I’ve always wanted to make the perfect pesto.  Not too much garlic, a soft basil flavor, nice consistency….you know, perfect!  My former high school student, now friend, Leigh and I were having coffee recently and the discussion turned to pesto.  Which she loves to make…with her own basil…her own way. Yep, I need a lesson from her! Today we had… Read more →

Great Granola!

I love granola….Well, some granola. I guess I’m picky, but I’m allergic to walnuts, not nuts about raisins, don’t like burnt bits around the edges and like it sweet but not too sweet! And now I’ve found a recipe I just love! It’s takes less than 20 mins to make and lasts for a long time sealed in a mason… Read more →

Chocolate Zucchini Cookies!

Always looking for ways to use our zucchini, I searched the web for a good chocolate zucchini cookie. After checking four or five sites I discovered the Crazy for Crust blog and tried their recipe….oh yeah….that’s a good cookie! Oatmeal, zucchini, great taste….what else do you need in a cookie? The zucchini is hidden so kids will love them and… Read more →

Zucchini = Chocolate Zucchini Cake!

I’ve been making Chocolate Zucchini Cake from the same recipe since the early 1970’s. I cut it out from Sunset Magazine way back then and got so many rave reviews I’ve transferred it from my old metal recipe box to numerous updated recipe binders. It’s a keeper! The secret is in the chocolate and the age of the zucchini. I… Read more →

Fresh Veggie Scramble

  I brought in a bunch of fresh veggies this morning. What to do with them? Saute everything in a little butter or olive oil, add a dollop of cream cheese, 2 eggs and you have a great breakfast….similar to the Sunday Scramble previously posted but totally different veggies=totally different flavor! First wash and chop veggies, then saute in a… Read more →