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Cut Flower Tests- Results!

Recently Elizabeth, a friend and reader, mentioned that when she has roses in a vase she cuts the stems 1/4″ each day and gives them fresh water.  I’ve always done that as well and wondered if it is giving us significantly longer vase life. I tried it on daisies since that’s what I had blooming…. This was taken after eight… Read more →


Hydrangeas are absolutely, hands down, my favorite garden plant. One or two make a full bouquet, they require little care, attract few bugs and, with plenty of water they grow and adorn your garden beautifully year after year.  I have 15 plants and I’d love more! This time of year in Northern Calif. we often have sudden, scorching days….that’s a… Read more →

Cut Flower Test

You know how you see all those “ways to keep flowers fresh” articles? I decided to start testing a few of them to see if they work to keep cut flowers from my garden fresh longer. I started with some  Shasta Daisies.  I picked them in the cool of the morning. They were well watered and all in about the… Read more →

How to Make Your Flower Vases Sparkle!

Well, I don’t know what it’s like  where you live, but here in Northern California, even though its the 3rd day of summer, it’s raining! Too wet to paint the in-progress chicken coop or work in the garden so…guess I’ll do some cleaning! Here’s a simple but wonderfully effective way to clean a really gross glass vase..the secret is vinegar!… Read more →