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Zinnias…the Perfect Summer Flower

Zinnias are “perfect”  to me because of the perfectly symmetrical way they grow.  Their rows of crisp, even petals are extremely pleasing. They come in so many colors and bicolors, have a lovely green leaf and no scent to cause allergies.  But, they had one drawback in my garden…they always got mildew.  This year I tried a new variety though… Read more →

Sunflower Bouquets!

I’ve had sunflowers in every garden I’ve ever grown.  While I loved their bright sunny faces, there were a few things I didn’t like. I didn’t like those that were 9 feet tall and produced one huge flower that was great for seeds but fell over in every  vase I tried. Then there were those that fit in a vase,… Read more →

Hydrangea Garden

Early this summer I attended a wonderful Master Gardener workshop on growing hydrangeas.  The teacher, Carlyss, a very knowledgeable gardener who specializes in hydrangeas invited those of us who attended her class to tour her garden this July. She grows nearly 250 hydrangeas on acres of garden surrounding her home.  They grow under large old oak trees, and, in the… Read more →

A Greenhouse Tour…

Out in the country, along a back road, sits a greenhouse full of lush plants along with myriad colorful plants and vegetables outside. With no big sign out front it would be easy to pass right by…but you’d miss the fun! Come and visit A Better Way Produce & Nursery with me. We began our tour in a greenhouse full… Read more →