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Succulents – Addictive Garden Fun!

OK, I know, I’ve done succulent posts over and over lately. But, they’re addictive! Those cute little 2″ pots for $2. are irresistible! Everywhere you turn there’s a container that seems just perfect!  Since I’ve already shown how to plant them in nearly anything I’ll just leave you this week with a little succulent inspiration….so go out, grab a few… Read more →

Succulent Gardens Extravaganza!

I’m becoming a little obsessed with succulents! They offer texture and colors and variety, they’re easy to grow and lend themselves well to arrangements and decor both inside the house and outside in the garden! Though we just visited Succulent Gardens in Castroville, Ca. a few weeks ago, I learned about their “Extravaganza” event happening this past weekend and just… Read more →

IMG_2542adjWe’ve chosen Carmel for our anniversary trip at least three times and I hope we go again! While most people probably go there to shop, (and the shopping is amazing, though incredibly expensive) I go for garden ideas.  Every street has beautiful planters and lovely plant combinations from the pristine homes and yards along Carmel Beach, to the store fronts and mall plantings! Since I’m in love with succulents these days I loved the way they were planted all over town and combined with different plants in interesting ways.

Walking along well kept streets with stunning gardens, stopping at the local bistro for dinner, ending with sunset on Carmel Beach…..wedded bliss and horticultural happiness….what else could you ask for on vacation! (Yes, John does like the food more than the plants but he likes those some too!)

Since they say a picture is worth a thousand words I took a few to share. Hope you get a few ideas you’ll love…

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Succulent Gardens – The Place to Buy Succulents…and Get Great Ideas!

This weekend we drove to Carmel and had a wonderful time, but the highlight for me was along the way in Castroville! I’d read about Succulent Gardens, The Growing Grounds, a nursery that specializes in all kinds of succulents, so we made a side trip and I’m  so glad we did! (Even John loved it…an architect, he likes the “clean lines”… Read more →