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Adding Chickens to Your Flock – Part Two- Worm Problems!

Whenever you add chickens to your flock it’s important to quarantine new girls for a while before combining them. And I did……well, for a few days. I was worried about them working out the pecking order but I didn’t think about anything else. Everything changed one morning when I heard my granddaughter say, ” Look Grandma, Pebbles has spaghetti in… Read more →

Chicken Treats!

When we first got our “girls” last April they were pullets, or teenage chickens.  I spent hours and hours sitting in their run tossing raisins and grapes and trying to get them used to me.  After a while both the Golden Sex Link, Lily, and the Wyandotte, Lucy, lost their fear, even letting me hold them.  Lacy, the little Barred… Read more →