Author: dljones

Sonoma County Master Gardener, lover of all things garden!

A Secret Garden to Love….

A simple house on a busy street, a walk along the drive and suddenly….an unexpected surprise! It’s hard to believe the garden that unfolds in this unlikely space. Fifteen years in the making, the gardener and mom lovingly added little “rooms” as a place for her large family to have quiet spots to read or relax. Vintage pieces placed throughout… Read more →

Rose Time Garden Party

It’s that time again! Rose season…when roses spring forth and add color and scent to the garden. Each year two Jeanne LaJoie miniature climbers, planted in 1999,  climb up our deck top and turn the whole deck into a literal rose cave! Never pruned, they sprawl wherever we  tie the long canes. Where we can’t tie them, I hold them… Read more →

Enchanting Sweet peas!

I’ve read about Enchanting Sweet Peas in Sebastopol, Calif. and I’ve even enjoyed the blooms from their wonderful fragrant varieties purchased and grown by my best friend….but, I’ve never actually gone by the once-a-year sale until now. Wow! Glenys Johnson, the owner of Enchanting Sweet Peas, began growing her favorite English Spencer Sweet peas in a vacant lot next to… Read more →