Garden Musings…

Very early every morning I sit in the same spot, coffee and Bible in hand, as I  read and contemplate life. I see an ever changing picture through my dining room window as the seasons and weather change the view. This morning I noticed the stark difference between the three plants visible from my study spot on the couch. The mini climbing rose…done with it’s magnificent bloom for the season.  Not gone,… Read the rest


Nasturtiums are such a common garden flower I almost didn’t consider adding any to my garden! But, I read somewhere that chickens like to snack on the flowers….and well, you all know how I feel about the girls! That and the fact that they are wonderful to garnish summer tomato dishes and salads made me do a little research to see what new kinds might be available since I sold flowers seeds… Read the rest

Cottage Garden Charm

I love it when a someone says, ” You should see my friend’s garden!” I never pass up an opportunity when that happens. So, when my friend Cathy mentioned the roses and peonies in her friend Judy’s garden, I begged to go see it….and I’m so glad I did! Tiny, charming and overflowing with colorful blooms and blossoms, this little garden has it all! Standing there as I first arrived I tried… Read the rest

Garden Party…Celebrating Roses!

Seventeen years ago I purchased two one gallon Mini climbing roses from the Sonoma County Jail plant sale. I planted one on each end of our deck and now, all these years later, with very little care and no pruning, they’ve become breathtakingly beautiful! Jeanne LaJoie is a wonderful mini rose that puts on a real show once a year in spring and then blooms off and on until frost. When I… Read the rest

Succulents in a Chicken Feeder?

A few weeks ago, at an Illustrated Faith night, I fell in love with the craft table centerpiece. Tucked neatly into a long, galvanized chicken feeder, were a ton of colorful succulents, making a very striking statement. So…..I came home and copied it….though on a much smaller scale! Want something to go on a farm table, a picnic table or anywhere in the house or garden that gets good bright light? Here… Read the rest

Spring! Time to Start the Garden!

Here in northern California it’s time get started on your spring garden. Today, February 25th, is 7 weeks before our average last frost date of April 15th. So what can you do now to plant and prepare?     Clean up weeds and dead leaves left from winter. Top off vegetable beds or raised beds with compost. Plant peas, (like the little gardener above) spinach, beets, green onion, leaf lettuce and carrots… Read the rest

Chicken Treats for Winter Days

Winter days must be as long and boring for backyard chickens as they’d be for us if we were cooped up inside all day. With no chance for fresh greens I imagine they would like some fresh food for a change. So….I planted some Chicken Salad Seed Mix for them again this year along with a few other treats.   They have their regular layer pellets with a daily meal worm treat… Read the rest
HeronOne lightroom-1269

A Garden’s Winter Wonder

Winter is a hard time to write about the garden.  Not much going on this month. I thought about detailing how to dig up dahlia tubers or the importance of cleaning up old tomato plants felled by this week’s first frost. But when I grabbed my camera to walk around the garden I walked to the edge of the deck and there sat our old wheelbarrow…  filled exquisitely frozen water. Honestly, who… Read the rest

Chicken Feather Frenzy…Molting 101

Well the girls have been a bit of a disappointment for the past month or so.  Five chickens, lots of feed and bedding ,but…No Eggs! On top of that the coop and the run are a mess! Covered in more and more feathers each day.  I knew about molting but knowing about something and experiencing it first hand are two different things! At first the eggs just came less frequently….like two a… Read the rest

Zucchini in October?

In years past I, like most people, planted my zucchini seeds after the frost free date, around April 15 in our zone 9 northern California garden.  By October I was usually pulling out plants that were done producing and beginning to mildew and turn yellow. In fact, that’s what did happen to my April sowed plants this year. This year though I had an empty corner in one raised bed so I… Read the rest